[OPE-L] Dogan Goecmen

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Date: Sun Oct 15 2006 - 08:31:40 EDT

Dogan Goecmen <Dogangoecmen@aol.com> is the latest addition to
OPE-L.  The following is an edited version of some information he
provided as background for this post.

Dogan Goecmen (NB: his name can't really be spelled correctly, or at least
easily, using my keyboard)is originally from Turkey. He has lived for the
last  25  years in Germany. The last 10 years he spent in the UK studying
the Scottish Enlightenment. He has studied philosophy, social economy and
politics in Hamburg and Edinburgh. Recently he completed his PhD
dissertation at the University of Edinburgh on Adam Smith's ethics and
political economy, which will be published soon by I. B. Tauris
(London/New York).

Currently he is unemployed and looking for a lecturer post in the history
of the theories of political economy, epistemology, moral and political
philosophy and/or in the history of political thought. He is interested in
Hegelian dialectic, Smithian sympathy ethic and Marxian political economy
and philosophy. He has published various papers in different languages on
utopian socialists, Marx, Marxism, the concept of labour, the theory of
international relations, Rosa Luxemburg and Hegelian dialectic, and on
Adam Smith's epistemology. Currently he works on the reception of Hegelian
dialectic by Proudhon and Marx, the debates on Kantian and Hegelian
philosophy at the beginning of the 20th century, liberalism and world
poverty and commodity theory of knowledge. His main focus in all these is
the concept of the self.

Dogan: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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