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Subject: URPE's "Political Economy of the Iran Crisis" web page

 Last spring URPE sponsored a panel called "Oil, Nukes, Mullahs,
 Democracy and U.S. Hegemony: The Political Economy of Iran" at the 2006
 Left Forum, and another panel of the same name at the Brecht Forum, both
 in NYC. The 2006LF panel was videotaped, and both panels were
 audiotaped. The audiotapes have been used to produce radio programs on
 WBAI. The panels led to various articles in magazines and newspapers.
 These panels also led to the creation of a web page on URPE's website:


 The relationship between the US and Iran is still in crisis, and the web
 page has received many new additions since it was first announced early
 in the summer.

 The page contains articles, books, radio shows, a video and
 organizations, with links wherever possible. You can play or download
 the radio shows and excerpts from panels, and you can order the video.

 Speakers and writers featured on this page include Ervand Abrahamian,
 Cyrus Bina, Faramarz Farbod, Reza Ghorashi, Ismael Hossein-zadeh, Leili
 Kashani, Michael Klare, Fatemeh Moghadam, Kamran Nayeri, Tom O'Donnell,
 Hamideh Sedghi and Behzad Yaghmaian. The is also a link to the RRPE page
 on Sage's website -- you can look up references to articles on Iran that
 have been published in the "Review of Radical Political Economics,"
 URPE's journal, over the years.

 All opinions expressed in the talks, articles and books on the web page
 are those of the authors and do not represent positions of URPE as an
 organization. There is also a great variety of opinion among the authors
 listed on this page.

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