[OPE-L] Samir Amin and Development of Underdevelopment

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Wed Oct 04 2006 - 17:50:59 EDT

I'm not an academic, but you could try some of Prof. David Chandler's works
http://www.wmin.ac.uk/sshl/page-63-smhp=1 which among many other things
investigate critically what happens when the West tries to set up public
administrations and enforce the rule of law in (often third-world) conflict

I believe much of the discussion nowadays revolves around the concept of
"failed states" on which e.g. Prof. Fukuyama comments, i.e. on the ability
of political institutions/organisations to integrate people into (civil)
society as such.
Dr Christian Girschner in his latest book Die Dienstleistungsgesellschaft
[The Services Society] argues that the primary/secondary/tertiary industry
concept does not really make much sense from a Marxist point of view.
http://www.papyrossa.de/dienstleistung.htm Regrettably Girschner's book
hasn't been translated. The official output or activity classification used,
may not make much sense of the real division of labor or product-chains
involved, and services may be commodities, or contribute directly (be an
input to) to commodity production. The "tertiary sector" may in fact be used
more as an ideological notion, than describing the socio-economic reality.


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