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Subject: Call for Papers for conference on "Economic Pluralism for the
21st Century"

Dear Colleague,

Neva Goodwin, Co-director of the Global Development And Environment
Institute (<http://www.gdae.org>), invites you to participate in an
interesting and important conference:

On June 1-3, 2007, ICAPE, the International Confederation of Associations
for Pluralism in Economics, will host its second international conference,
"Economic Pluralism for the 21st Century" on the campus of the University
of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Please consider submitting a paper or panel proposal.  All topics and
schools of thought are welcome.  Our goal is to create diverse and
inclusive discussions, open to all who share ICAPE's commitment to the
active promotion of pluralism in economic scholarship and education.  What
are you working on now that you find most exciting?  What topic would you
like to write about and present to a lively and broad-minded audience?
Please send a brief abstract (200-250 words) of a paper, or a proposal for
a panel, to Rob Garnett at r.garnett@tcu.edu

As examples, the previous (very enjoyable and worthwhile) ICAPE conference
included panels on such topics as

Post Keynesian Institutionalism;

International Political Economy - Theory and Policy;

Towards a More Policy-Relevant Economics

Heterodox Models of Innovation and Competition;

Macroeconomics in the Traditions of Marx, Keynes, and Kalecki

Social Dimensions of Consumer Behavior

(This is a random sampling of a few out of an excellent, long list).

To learn more about the conference, please visit <http://www.icape.org>

ICAPE, the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in
Economics, an international consortium, founded in 1993, is dedicated to
the active promotion of intellectual pluralism in economic education and
scholarship.  The organizers of the 2007 international conference include:
Al Campbell, Wilfred Dolfsma, Edward Fullbrook, Rob Garnett, Neva Goodwin,
John Henry, Mary King, Fred Lee, Ed McNertney, Judith Mehta, Erik Olsen,
and Martha Starr.

More information:

The three plenary sessions now planned for the conference are as follows:

PLENARY 1, "Pluralism and Economic Inquiry"

Speakers: John Davis, Fred Lee, Diana Strassman

Chair: John Henry   Commentator: Peter Soderbaum

PLENARY 2, "Economics for the Common Good"

Speakers: Gar Alperovitz, Neva Goodwin, Robin Hahnel

Chair: Erik Olsen  Commentator: Emily Chamlee-Wright

PLENARY 3, "Pluralism and Economic Education":

Speakers: KimMarie McGoldrick, Gilles Raveaud, Yanis Varoufakis

Chair: Martha Starr  Commentator: Susan Feiner

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