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Association for Heterodox Economics 9th Annual Conference 2007
                    Call for Papers
            Pluralism in Action 13 - 15 July, 2007
          University of the West of England, Bristol

The Ninth Annual Conference of the Association of Heterodox Economics (AHE)
will be held at the University of the West of England from 13th to 15th July

Last year's highly successful AHE conference yielded a stimulating and
original range of papers on pluralism in the social sciences. A striking
feature of the conference was the interdisciplinary character of the
contributions which explored the relation between economics and other
branches of the social sciences. The Ninth Annual Conference will build on
this success. The conference will have both a thematic part and an open
part. The AHE is happy to consider papers of both types; however, priority
will be given to papers addressing the conference theme, "Pluralism in
Action".  Papers are particularly encouraged dealing with the impact of
heterodox, pluralistic and interdisciplinary approaches both on problems of
policy, and on the advancement of understanding, where mainstream approaches
have failed or fallen short.

For the open part of the conference, as in previous conferences we welcome
submissions dealing with issues of fundamental theory, teaching and learning
in economics, and the history of economic thought. This year, the committee
seeks to broaden the range of heterodox viewpoints. We encourage single
papers or sessions addressing Austrian, Behavioural, Critical Realist,
Ecological, Evolutionary, Feminist, Institutionalist, Marxist,
Post-Keynesian, Schumpeterian, or other non-mainstream approaches. A feature
of the AHE is as a forum for dialogue between different viewpoints, and we
encourage proposals for sessions which address a single issue or theme from
a variety of viewpoints.

The international character of the conference has been a vital factor in its
growing success. Scholars requiring documentation in support of visa or
funding applications should indicate this in their initial submission. At
present the AHE regrets that it has no funds to provide financial support,
but is actively seeking it and welcomes proposals from participants
regarding organizations for the AHE contact in search of support for
participants from outside the US and European Union.

Deadline for submission:

Proposals for single papers: please send an abstract of not more than 500
words by email only to the local organiser, Andrew Mearman
(andrew.mearman@uwe.ac.uk), AND the programme coordinator, Alan Freeman
(afreeman@iwgvt.org), by 26 January 2006. Text, HTML, Word and PDF format
attachments are acceptable.

Proposals for sessions and streams: please indicate exactly what you are
proposing, giving the names and email addresses of the proposed speakers,
and attaching the abstracts (of not more than 500 words each) for their
papers. Send by email to Andrew Mearman and Alan Freeman, as above, by
Friday 19th January 2007.

The AHE Committee will consider all abstracts and will notify you of
acceptance or rejection of your proposal by Monday 12th February 2007.

Those whose abstracts have been accepted must send their full paper and
completed registration to be received by Friday 26th April 2007.

Parallel sessions will be 90 minutes long and will consist of two papers.
Sessions may have a discussant for each paper. The conference is to be
conducted in English.

To see details of previous conferences, and to keep up to date with the 2007
conference and other AHE activities please visit: www.hetecon.com

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