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Subject: Foucault & Critical Theory course web page:
From:    "Ric Brown" <brbrowniii@earthlink.net>
Date:    Sat, September 23, 2006 8:59 pm

Greetings All,
In Spring, I taught a course on the relationship between the Critical
Theory of the Frankfurt School and the work of Michel Foucault.

The final assignment for the course which was to take a specific group
of texts that, unknown to them, I had selected almost at random form my
shelves, and use these as an archive from which to generate a "History
of the Subject."  I thought the task impossible, and simply a lesson in
the difficulty of undertaking rigorous work in Cultural Studies and
Critical Theory, but the students did not agree, and the results were
quite good.

The course was so successful that I told the students that I would like
to put up a page along with some of the papers from the final course
assignment. They thought that this was a good idea, so I am keeping my
promise, though a couple months late.  The page is almost complete ---
at least enough to put the page online.  Right now there is only one
paper up, but the rest will follow in the near future.  The sidebar
advertising should disappear in a couple of days.


You can also click on the link from my homepage below.

If you have time, take a look.  Feel free to forward the link to anyone
that might be interested.


And sorry for any duplicate emails, but I have some overlaps (and
lapses, too) between my various lists.  No need to respond to this
message, either, unless you want to do so.

B. Ricardo Brown
Associate Professor of Cultural Studies
Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

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