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Date: Fri Sep 22 2006 - 11:53:27 EDT

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Subject: Come one, come all!

Dear Colleague,

I recently sent you a message announcing ICAPE's second international
conference ("Economic Pluralism for the 21st Century") next June 1-3 at the
University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately my description made the conference sound very specialized and
narrow -- as if we were seeking only papers on the topic of pluralism per

Quite the contrary, this is a "big tent" conference at which all topics and
schools of thought are welcome.  Our goal is to create a uniquely diverse
and inclusive conference, open to all who share ICAPE's commitment to the
promotion of pluralism in economic scholarship and education.  To make this
happen, however, we need to include your work and the work of other scholars
from the theoretical traditions and professional associations in which your
work is rooted.

So, what are you working on now that you find most exciting?  What topic
would you like to write about and present to a lively and broad-minded

The previous ICAPE conference in 2003 featured a broad range of panels

Diverse Capitalisms
Knowledge and Welfare: Hayek, Sen, and Schumacher
New Connections among Heterodox Traditions
Towards a More Policy-Relevant Economics
Open-System Methodologies
Financial Capitalism and Economic Policy
Academic vs. Popular Economics
Marx's Open System of Value
Post Keynesian Institutionalism
Social Dimensions of Consumer Behavior
Rethinking (Post-)Capitalism
New Visions and Strategies for the Heterodox Economics Movement
Teaching Heterodox Economics
Virtues and Limits of Social Sustainability
International Political Economy: Theory and Policy
Humanistic Alternatives to Neoclassical Economics
Economics as a Holistic and Reflexive Social Science

With your help, we will have an even broader and richer set of conversations
in Salt Lake City.

If you would like to participate, please send a brief abstract (200-250
words) to Rob Garnett (r.garnett@tcu.edu <mailto:r.garnett@tcu.edu> ).

Or, to learn more about the conference, including our three scheduled
plenary sessions (http://www.icape.org/plenary.htm
<http://www.icape.org/plenary.htm> ), please visit www.icape.org
<http://www.icape.org/> .

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Organizers (Al Campbell, Wilfred Dolfsma, Edward Fullbrook, Rob Garnett,
Neva Goodwin, John Henry, Mary King, Fred Lee, Ed McNertney, Judith Mehta,
Erik Olsen, and Martha Starr)

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