[OPE-L] New MIA 2006-2007 2 DISC DVD Available

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 **New MIA 2006-2007 2 DISC DVD Available!**

 This is a special announcement from the Marxists Internet Archive.

We have issued a new DVD collection of the MIA. Included in this new set
are ALL* the text files on the MIA through August of 2006. Over 8 gigabytes
of data. Purchasing the DVD set is an act of solidarity with the Marxists
Internet Archive. It has how we are able to maintain our server, domain
names, and, most importantly, provide free DVDs to those in developing
countries unable to afford the DVD. To purchase this important archive from
us, please go to:


 Please note that the prices remains the same: $30 USD.

*due to the almost exponential grown of the MIA since we last issued the
DVD, we have had to exclude some files and sections from this version
of the DVD.

Some of the excluded files include:

#The Chinese Section of the MIA. This can be ordered separately upon
request at no extra charge.
#The speeches in mp3 format on the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism
#Several sections on art work and various other sound files that took up
vast quantities of space. All the above are still available, of course, on
the web site.

When receiving the discs the contents of both should be copied to your hard
drive as the files are made to run in a common directory.

Please support the MIA by ordering your DVDs today.


David Walters

     Marxists Internet Archive
        Weekly Newsletter

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