Re: [OPE-L] against flames and unsubstantiated and malicious accusations

Date: Sat Sep 16 2006 - 07:02:14 EDT

Dear comrades:

I, once again, call your attention to the list policy against flames,
i.e. personal abuse directed at listmembers.  While we hope that all
listmembers will respect this policy, I am prepared to enforce it
as necessary.  If necessary, I will act to remove someone from the
list if s/he continues to violate this policy.

If anyone makes a serious charge or insinuation of  unethical behavior --
including, but not limited to, charges of plagiarism -- it must be backed
up by proof.  To not do so is a severe form of personal abuse and will
be considered to be a violation of the list policy against flames and will
not be tolerated.

Our patience as a group has been sorely tried by recent developments.
I  assure everyone on the list that we will act in an appropriate manner to
ensure that there is a return to comradely discussion on the list.

I, of course, will be answerable to the Advisory Committee and, ultimately,
the list for any actions which I take.

In solidarity,

Jerry Levy, Coordinator, OPE-L

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