[OPE-L] Against Stavros' and David's flames of Rakesh Bhandari

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Fri Sep 15 2006 - 22:46:03 EDT

As I have students and career ambitions, I can't let pass Stavros'
and David's incredibly nasty posts about the absolute uselessness of
all of my OPE-L posts. Perhaps a careful and reasoned reply to my
concerns about appropriation was too much to ask for.

At any rate, these notes are only a few of the offlist posts which I
have received about my contributions. I have removed all indications
of by whom they were written since they were sent to me privately. I
can't send more such posts because they would disclose the author.
And it should be added that I am often in theoretical disagreement
with these interlocutors.

It is not my impression that everyone has followed the advice of
Stavros and David to discard my posts unread.

I feel confident that Stavros does not follow his own advice.  Or
perhaps his cowriter does not follow his advice.



Thank you very, very much for passing this article along.  I found it
immensely helpful.  I also want to take the opportunity to mention
how much I have benefited from your contributions to ope-l.  I'm
afraid the chaos of everyday life gets me down more than I would
like....And so I'm afraid I delete most of the posts on ope-l without
ever looking at them.  You are one of the only two or three
exceptions; I have learned from just about every post you have ever

I only offer this because I personally value the contributions you
have made to my own thinking in various OPE-L discussions

I am sorry that you feel so unfairly treated. My own experience of
academic life is that I have been shafted a couple of times on
projects where I have done work and not had my name included on
publications. But my advice to you is not to let the above perceived
injustice detract from the excellent contribution you have made and
can make further to the Grossmann debate.

I hope you'll reconsider and make the leave a short one.  I know you put
enormous time into your contributions and this has to be subtracted from
other things, but I for one have found your comments invaluable.  You're
also someone who has an extraordinary radar tuned to books I would not know
about if you didn't mention them.
That's a real shame Rakesh. It will be much the poorer without you,
and I will very much miss your postings.
  Over the last few years, I've
been very impressed not just by your energy but also by the quality of your
posts to the OPE-L list. Now that there is the summer lull in those
discussions, I would like to send you the book, in the hope that you might
find time to read it. I would be interested in your comments in general, and
also I'm interested in making some sort of impression on the discussions of
"Marxist economics", against which the book is in part directed. If you
found yourself inspired to write some sort of review of the book, that would
be wonderful, of course, but it is not my intention to impose a burden on

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