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From: Martin Kragh (Martin.Kragh@HHS.SE)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2006 - 09:14:25 EDT

Hi Ian,

I divide the "previously unknown material" into two main categories. 

i) First you have the historical evidence on what happened to Rubin. The show trials, forced allegations, abuse, final deportation and disapperance. This interests me a lot as a historian (and as a social human being, I believe). This type of evidence can be found in Russian archives, former security service protocols etc. There have also been some academic publications in the 1990s, for example a book in Russian entitled "Menshevik processes 1928-xx" (Cannot remember exact year now, have book in Mosvow), where protocols from interrogations were published in extensio, with reference to location in archives. 

ii) Theoretical contributions. Rubin was teacher, and a life long student, of political economy. He wrote books (two of which have been translated into English, certain German etc). He also wrote articles, one which was an appendix to later Russian editions of his "Theories of Surplus Value", and later translated to English for an issue of Capital and Class. There are other though, also theoretical. Some of them were just preparations for seminars at Marx-Engels institute, but some were published in anthologies. The later ones can be found at any decent Russian library today, the former are traceable only through archival research. 

I would like to write on both of these topics (i-ii), but I think it is better to separate them (unless one would attempt to write a autobiography). 

I will reveal more as my progress evolves.

Kind regards,

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Hello Martin

If you can answer, what is the previously unavailable material relating to Rubin?

Best wishes,

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