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Date: Tue Sep 05 2006 - 05:12:21 EDT

The Outline on Political Economy (OPE-L) mailing list began
eleven (11) years ago today.


           *** Happy Birthday, OPE-L! ***


*SELECTED STATISTICS*  follow, with an emphasis on changes
in the last year:

1. List Size

In September, 1995 we began with 11 subscribers.

There are now 94 members.

Including former members, 116 people have subscribed to OPE-L
[a full listing of current subscribers appears below, see note #7].

The total quantity of current subscribers increased from 89
1 year ago (Patrick B,  Robert V,  Martin K and Marcello M were
added; Jurriaan returned).

2.  Annual Turnover

*No subscribers resigned from the list in this past year*.  Since
1 former subscriber retuned, this means that the annual 'turnover
rate' was *negative*!  I am unaware of any other mailing lists with
similar turnover rates.

3.  Quantity of Posts

There were over two thousand three hundred twenty two (2,322) posts
authored since our last birthday.   This is pretty close to the
historical average of postings per year.

The paradox here is that as list size has grown over the years the
quantity of postings per year (and per month) has remained relatively

4.   Participation Rate

Fifty-two (52) of the ninety-four (94) subscribers authored posts in
the last year.    The 'participation rate' was, consequently,  55%.

This is an extremely high rate compared to just about all other
mailing lists, but is lower than the rates in the earliest years of
the list.

5.  International Composition

The 11 founding members  were from  4 countries.

We currently have members in twenty-three [23] countries.   This is up
from 21 a year ago.

By continent the division is as follows:

                             #               %

Europe:                      31              33
North America:               29              31
Asia:                        15              16
Latin America:               14              15
Australia:                    3               3
Africa:                       2               2

There is, obviously, room for improvement here.

6.  Composition by Gender

There were no women among the founding (11) members.

There are currently ten (10) women subscribers (from 8 countries).
This remains unchanged from a year ago.  Two of the former (22)
subscribers (both from the US) are women.

There is obviously a lot of room for improvement here.

In solidarity, Jerry


1.  who is on the list is a consequence largely of who members
recommend. For there to be changes in the list membership,
therefore, requires that list subscribers -- taking into account
the needs of the list -- make recommendations and motivate
candidates to the Advisory Committee and the list Coordinator.
All recommendations and discussion of possible candidates is
to take place off-list.   For addresses to send recommendations
to, see note #5.

2. percentages above are rounded off to the closest whole number.

3.  the  numbers and percentages for international composition
are somewhat misleading because of migration for work purposes.

4.  other important measures of diversity, including theoretical
perspectives/schools of thought and areas of expertise are not
calculated above because of  identification and measurement issues.
They are, nevertheless, criteria which we want to look at when
considering new admissions.

5.  the Advisory Committee (AC) consists of:
--   Alejandro Valle Baeza valle@servidor.unam.mx
--   Allin Cottrell cottrell@wfu.edu
--   Fred Moseley fmoseley@mtholyoke.edu
Alfredo Saad-Filho is a former AC member.
Jerry Levy, glevy@pratt.edu; Gerald_A_Levy@msn.com ,
is the list Coordinator

6.  The address for the list archives is:

7.  A listing of current subscribers follows.  If you desire a listing
which includes e-mail addresses, send a message to
listserv@sus.csuchico.edu which reads (only): REVIEW OPE-L

Mariko Adachi (Japan)
Paul S. Adler (US)
Michio Akama (Japan)
Samir Amin (Senegal)
Charles Andrews (US)
Chris Arthur (UK)
Alejandro Valle Baeza (Mexico)
Jairus Banaji (UK)
Riccardo Bellofiore (Italy)
Jurriaan Bendien (Netherlands)
Rakesh Bhandari (US)
Cyrus Bina (US)
Patrick Bond (South Africa)
Alberto Bonnet (Argentina)
Andrew Brown (UK)
Paul Bullock (UK)
Paul Burkett (US)
Antonio Callari (US)
Martha Campbell (US)
Reinaldo Carcanholo (Brazil)
Francisco Paolo Cipolla (Brazil)
Bill Cochrane (New Zealand)
Paul Cockshott (UK)
Paul Cooney (Brazil)
Allin Cottrell (US)
Stephen Cullenberg (US)
Suzanne de Brunhoff (France)
Maria de Lourdes Mollo (Brazil)
Dimitri Dimoulis (Brazil)
Zhiyong Dong (P.R. China)
Phil Dunn (UK)
Hans Ehrbar (US)
Anders Ekeland (Norway)
Michael Eldred (Germany)
Howard Engelskirchen (US)
John R. Ernst (US)
Claus Magno Germer (Brazil)
Diego Guerrero (Spain)
Michael Heinrich (Germany)
John Holloway (Mexico)
Ian Hunt (Australia)
Makoto Itoh (Japan)
Seongjin Jeong (S. Korea)
Nam-Hoon Kang (S. Korea)
Claudio Katz (Argentina)
Steve Keen (Australia)
Iwao Kitamura (Japan)
Martin Kragh (Russia)
David Kristjanson-Gural (US)
David Laibman (US)
Costas Lapavitsas (Greece)
Michael A. Lebowitz (Canada)
Chai-on Lee (S. Korea)
Jerry Levy (US)
Joao Machado (Brazil)
Abelardo Flores Marina (Mexico)
Akira Matsumoto (Japan)
Stavros Mavroudeas (Greece)
Terrence Mc Donough (Ireland)
John Milios (Greece)
Ryu Dong-Min (S. Korea)
Simon Mohun (UK)
Gary Mongiovi (US)
Fred Moseley (US)
Marcello Musto (Germany)
Hanno Pahl (Germany)
Fanis Papadatos (Greece)
Leda Maria Paulani (Brazil)
Michael Perelman (US)
Nelson Pinto (Brazil)
N.S. Ranganayakamma (India)
Geert Reuten (Netherlands)
Bruce Roberts (US)
Regina Roth (Germany)
Alfredo Saad Filho (UK)
Catherine Samary (France)
Ernesto Screpanti (Italy)
Anwar Shaikh (US)
Ajit Sinha (India)
Gil Skillman (US)
Murray Smith (Canada)
Tony Smith (US)
Nicola Taylor (Australia)
Tony Tinker (US)
Andrew Trigg (UK)
Persefoni Tsaliki (Greece)
Lefteris Tsoulfidis (Greece)
Brendan Tuohy (New Zealand)
Robert Vienneau (US)
Michael Williams (UK)
Ian Wright (US)
David Yaffe (UK)
Paul Zarembka (US)
Alan Zuege (Canada)

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