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From: Marcello Musto (marcellomusto@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 13:44:26 EDT

Re: [OPE-L] Marx's Scholars in Finland and IranDear Paul,

many thanks for your help.
I will contact Engestrom immediatly.

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Yrjo Engestrom is a Finnish social-psychologist at the University of Helsinki, a leading scholar in Marxist psychology. He'd be a good place to start. He's reachable at <yrjo.engestrom@helsinki.fi>

At 1:57 PM +0200 9/4/06, Marcello Musto wrote:
  Dear members,

  I would like to ask you if anybody may help me.
  I am looking for Marx's scholars in Finland and Iran (or from Finland and Iran) to have some informations about Marx's works translated into this 2 countries.
  Many thanks,
  Marcello Musto

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