[OPE-L] OPE and reasoned discussion

From: David Laibman (dlaibman@SCIENCEANDSOCIETY.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 10:12:09 EDT

Dear OPE comrades,
  Jerry Levy contacted me off-list concerning some recent nastiness on OPE.
  I just want to let it be known that, as a matter of policy, I do not
read *any* posts on *any* subject from Rakesh B.  I urge everyone else
to adopt the same policy.  If you reply, publicly, you are falling into
his trap.  Just let it be clear that OPE is for comradely discussion and
debate, and not for flames, and that flaming behavior will not be
tolerated.  It's that simple.
  With Stavros, I apologize for not having been able to participate more
actively in the discussions on the list.  I appreciate receiving notices
off-list on anything that anyone thinks should be brought to my
attention, and always respond fully to those.
  In solidarity,
David Laibman

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