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From: Martin Kragh (Martin.Kragh@HHS.SE)
Date: Sun Sep 03 2006 - 09:02:12 EDT

[OPE-L] missing translations

"That's odd: I would have thought that Ricardo would have been translated
into Swedish  a  l-o-n-g  time ago.  Are you aware of any other notable
works in the history of political economy, or important works by Marx, which
haven't been translated into Swedish?  "
Hi Jerry,
The works by David Ricardo remain to be translated into Swedish. A Danish translation exists from late 1970s, but to my knowledge, that is the only translation into a nordic language.
IMO many "notable works in the history of political economy" remain to be translated into Swedish. The complete works by Adam Smith, for example. As far as Marx goes, Das Kapital I-III, Contribution, small parts of Grundrisse, first chapter of Das Kapital first edition, Theories on Surplus Value and the "6th Chapter" have been translated. However, some of these translations are flawed and influenced by, in certain cases, Maoist undercurrents.
Translating David Ricardo turned out to be much more complicated than I first expected, but I hope that I will be able to present a complete translation of his Principles in 2008. 
Kind regards,

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