Re: [OPE-L] how will they COPE?

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sat Sep 02 2006 - 12:54:08 EDT

> The IWGVT sessions that Alan & Andrew organized for various
> conferences were genuinely pluralistic.

Hi Gary:

Do you really think so?  I don't.

> the editors will probably have to make a deliberate effort not to let the
> thing become the  TSSI Journal of Economic (unless they want it to be--
> and there would be nothing wrong  with that either).

Indeed, there would be nothing wrong with a _TSSI Journal of Economics_.
But,  that's not what they claim they want COPE to be.

Yet, they are inconsistent.  For instance, in the Mission Statement" there

"We encourage proponents of the temporal-single-system interpretation
(TSSI) of Marx's value theory to become members of the editorial board
and to contribute to _COPE_".

Is this what they mean by being "steadfastly committed to pluralism"?

They go on to claim in the "Mission Statement" that:

"TSSI research of the last quarter-century has decisively refuted widespread
claims that Marx's own value theory has been proven internally inconsistent
or in error.  It thus establishes a basis for a new research program that,
in contrast to mainstream Marxian and radical political economy, proceeds
from Marx's contributions rather than from the 'corrections' of his alleged

Do you think that was written by or agreed to members of the Editorial Board
who are not advocates of the TSSI?

They continue -- remember this is all part of the "Mission Statement":

"An indispensable aim of _COPE_  is to create an institutional basis for
continued research in the TSSI, and TSSI-informed theoretical and
empirical work which, because of limited access to resources, does
not currently exist.  We hope that, by working collaboratively on and
contributing to _COPE_,  proponents of the TSSI will be able to turn it
into an ongoing, self-sustaining research program. We recognize that
such a research program must include theoretical and empirical
investigations informed by the TSSI, as well as interpretive work

Is this the "mission" of a journal "steadfastly committed to pluralism"?
I think not.  Indeed, it is a very partisan and non-pluralist perspective.

Is there anything wrong with that?  Well, if they claimed to be the _TSSI
Journal of Economics_, then I would say: nothing.  But, to claim --
after including the above in their "Mission Statement" -- that they seek
to be a genuinely pluralist journal, there is an obvious contradiction.
A _genuinely_ pluralist journal is one thing, a TSSI journal is another.

I'd be interested in knowing -- for those listmembers who are on the
Editorial Board -- how many of you agree with and approved of the
"Mission Statement" of _COPE_?

In solidarity, Jerry

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