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From: B.R.Bapuji (brbapuji@YAHOO.COM)
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 05:40:38 EDT

Yes, Bettelheim did develop a systematic critique of the Maoist experience in the PRC. We can find it in two of his important works: CHINA SINCE MAO, CULTURAL REVOLUTION AND INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION IN CHINA.
  I may add that we (me and my friends) brought out the Telugu translations of these two books of Bettelheim on China.
  The translation of the first one appeared twice: first print in 1983 and the second print in 2003.
  The translation of the second book appeared twice: first print in 1994 and the second print is now in press.
  We added a long preface, a postscript and 137 footnotes (both long and short) to the first book.[for example, I have written long footnotes by way of essays on issues like 'PERSONALITY CULT: IS IT NECESSARY FOR REVOLUTION?]
   When we informed the details of our additions, Bettelheim felt happy and responded, 'an excellent initiative'. The additions enabled the average Telugu readers who are not acquainted with some theoretical issues to understand them easily.
  Similarly, we added 99 footnotes to the second book. We also gave an addendum of about 100 pages (in a big sixe book: we call it royal size here) giving lot of information about the happenings during cultural revolution in various aspects of Chinese society.
  We learnt many insightful analyses about China and the concept of socialism etc.
  The Telugu reades (both Communists and non-communists) felt that they learnt many things from these books. It is not an exaggeration to say that such books do not undergo reprints,usually.

Paul Cockshott <wpc@DCS.GLA.AC.UK> wrote:

Hi Allin and Howard:

Did CB ever develop a systematic critique of the Maoist experience
in the PRC?

In solidarity, Jerry

Not in anything that I have seen published by him.

I was very impressed by his debates with Sweezy and with 'Calcule Economique',
and was at first very enthusiastic about 'Les Luttes des Classes en URSS'
when the first volume came out in the 70s.

I had anticipate that there would then be a volume on the 20s and 30s, and
then a third volume on the 40s to the 60s. I was most disappointed when
it petered out and went no further than the 30s. In the end it just ran
over familiar ground covered by Carr and others.

Paul Cockshott

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