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From: David Yaffe (david@DANYAF.PLUS.COM)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 12:38:13 EDT

The first translation of the Grundrisse in English by Nicolaus was very
poor. It translated both Verwertung and Realisation by realisation. I
remember saying this at the time. I find the modern translation of
Verwertung as valorisation totally unhelpful and confusing. We should go
back to the edition which Engels was happy with and translate it as
'reproduction and expansion' of capital etc. At least it will help English
readers to begin to understand the concept rather than use a non-English
term which does not help in the slightest. My Concise Oxford dictionary
translates valorize as raise or fix the price of (a commodity etc) by
artificial means, esp by government action. And valorization [backformation
from valorization from French valorisation (as valour)]. This is totally
unhelpful as we would be better off with the German Verwertung.

David Yaffe

At 15:31 20/07/2006 +0100, you wrote:
>Comrades and Friends
>I have been commissioned to write a short piece on the translation and
>reception of the Grundrisse in UK and US.
>I would be grateful for amy comments on the two translations, and
>especially anything you can recall in the way of review articles etc. on
>the Nicolaus translation when it came out. Or indeed discussions of
>the  bits that appeared earlier.
>Chris Arthur </blockquote></x-html>

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