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From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 10:57:14 EDT

>Comrades and Friends
>I have been commissioned to write a short piece on the translation
>and reception of the Grundrisse in UK and US.
>I would be grateful for amy comments on the two translations, and
>especially anything you can recall in the way of review articles
>etc. on the Nicolaus translation when it came out. Or indeed
>discussions of the  bits that appeared earlier.
>Chris Arthur

See the comments on the Grundrisse by Keith Tribe and John Mepham in
Ali Rattansi, ed., Ideology, Method and Marx, Routledge, 1989). I
believe these essays were originally
written in the 1970s for Economy and Society. Tribe underlines that
Marx had not assimilated Quesnay's theory of reproduction when
writing the Grundrisse.

The bit of the Grundrisse which came out earlier was  Pre-capitalist
formations edited by Hobsbawm?
I think this superb essay did discuss this material Daniel Thorner
"Marx on India and the Asiatic Mode of Production". It was written in
1966 for a French journal of anthropology (perhaps
the one edited by Louis Dumont) but reprinted in The Making of Modern
India, 1980.

I am also guessing that Lawrence Krader must have written somewhere
about the relationship of Marx's
late ethnological writings to his earlier reflections on
pre-capitalist formations. Maurice Bloch in Marxism and Anthropology
gives a nice summary of the different stages in Marx's investigation.

Sorry don't have all my books unpacked yet.

Keep us posted on the review.


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