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Howard and others: Do you know anything about this book?
In solidarity, Jerry


Now available from Haymarket Books in paperback in English for the
first time!

Between Equal Rights
A Marxist Theory of International Law

by China Miéville

"China Miéville's brilliantly original book is an indispensable guide
for anyone concerned with international law. It is the most
comprehensive scholarly account available of the central theoretical
debates about the foundations of international law. It offers a guide
for the lay reader into the central texts in the field."
--Peter Gowan, Professor, International Relations, London
Metropolitan University.

"The most sophisticated Left critique of international law available
today as well as one of the most significant contributions to the
theory and history of international law I have read. It raises the
debate about law's role in a globalized world order to a completely
new level."
--Martti Koskenniemi, Director, Erik Castren Institute of
International Law, University of Helsinki

"We have waited a long time for a comprehensive and progressive
critique of international law. Miéville proves the wait was worth it."
--Anthony Chase, Nova Southeastern University Law Center

Miéville critically examines existing theories of international law
and offers a compelling alternative Marxist view. Drawing on a critical
history of international law from the sixteenth century to the
present day, Miéville argues that international law is fundamentally
constituted by the violence of imperialism.

China Miéville, PhD, International Relations, London School of
Economics, is an independent researcher and an award-winning
novelist. His novel Perdido Street Station won the Arthur C. Clarke

Haymarket Books
Political Science & Government
ISBN: 1931859337
Trade Paper: 6 x 9, 380 pages
Price: $18.00

Distributed in: Canada & the United States
Pub Date: :05/01/2006

Available in the United Kingdom from Pluto Books

Hardcover edition available from Brill:
About the Historical Materialism Book Series:

Series editors: Paul Blackledge (Leeds), Sébastien Budgen (Paris),
Michael Krätke (Amsterdam), Stathis Kouvelakis (London), Marcel van
Linden (Amsterdam), China Miéville (London), Paul Reynolds
(Lancashire), Peter Thomas (Amsterdam).

More than ten years after the disappearance of Marxism as a
(supposed) state ideology, a need for a serious and long-term book
publishing programme on Marxism has risen. Subjected to the whims of
fashion, most contemporary publishers have abandoned any of the
systematic production of Marxist theoretical work that they may have
indulged in during the 1970s and early 1980s. The Historical
Materialism Book Series addresses this great gap with original
monographs, translated texts and reprints
of "classics."

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