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Yet bourgeois economics can't itself
break free from fetishistic ideas about
money and its attraction to money cranks--
one remembers Keynes' praise of the under-
world of demagogues...So why pick on a poet?

Route of all Evil
The Political Economy of Ezra Pound
Meghnad Desai

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Description : An insightful examination of the economic writings of Ezra Pound

In his fresh analysis of Ezra Pound's thought, Meghnad Desai
separates the gold dust in Pound's economic writings from the dross
of his anti-semitic diatribes. He shows how fresh and radical Pound's
economics was in the years of the Great Depression. And he traces
how, as the Second World war came nearer, Pound transformed himself
first of all into a self-styled guru who could end the war if only
America would listen - and then into a bitter, rejected, hateful

Ezra Pound was a major figure in the American and European literary
world in the last century. He was also notoriously indicted for
treason in a US court - but judged unfit to stand trial and
incarcerated in a mental hospital for thirteen years. His
anti-semitic and fascist views are well-known.

But he also wrote a great deal of economics. He championed the Social
Credit schemes of Major Douglas and proposed his own plans for
restoring full employment in the middle of the Great Depression. His
economic writings span nearly two decades and range from the nature
of money to the evils of banks' monopoly over credit creation and the
debilitating effects of Usury. His views on money are part of the
rich tradition of monetary heterodoxy which argues that money and
monetary authorities should be made to serve the people rather than
be slaves to financial prudence.

The Route of All Evil willrestore Pound's relevance as a radical
economist who has much to offer those who protest against the
injustice of Third World Debt and the Washington Consensus,
participants in the World Social forum, and everyone interested in
hetrodox economics.
About the Author : Meghnad Desai was born in Baroda and studied
Economics at Bombay University. His doctorate at the University of
Pennsylvania was supervised by the Nobel Laureate, Lawrence Klein. He
began teaching at the London School of Economics in 1965 and since
his retirement in 2003 he is Emeritus Professor of Economics. His
most recent books include Marx's Revenge: The Resurgence of
Capitalism and Death of Statiat Socialism and Development and
Nationhood: Essays on the Political Economy of South Asia.

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