Re: [OPE-L] test message

Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 17:47:37 EDT

For future reference, any listmember can do a 'self-test' -- without
posting anything to the list --  as follows:

Send a message to <> which reads:


If listserv responds, then you know it is up and accepting commands.
If listserv does _not_ respond it does _not_ necessarily mean that
listserv is down -- it could be simply delaying the distribution of
messages and then distributing them as a batch.  This sometimes
happens.  When in doubt, the rule should be: wait, be patient,
and always make a copy of any messages you send to the list --
just in case it is 'lost' you have a copy and don't have to
re-write a message.

This, of course, can be frustrating and always seems to happen
in the middle of an intense and lively exchange.  But, it
happens sometimes -- for our server (at California State University --
Chico) as well as other servers.

In solidarity, Jerry
arrived in Peaks Is. from Isle of Shoals today

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