Re: [OPE-L] A past experience: Ernest Mandel turned away from the land of the free

From: jmilios (jmilios@HOL.GR)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2006 - 19:19:15 EDT

Thank you Jerry,

Attached is a first response by the scientific coordinator of the
Conference, Michael Zweig. Also, a list of previous cases.

In solidarity,


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John and everyone else:

We must fight this!  This precedent could be used against _any_ other
radical scholar who wishes to visit the USA and, if upheld, would
effectively mean the end of international participation by Marxists at
scholarly conferences in this country.  And that would effectively mean the
end of those conferences!

On the 'bright' side, it shows that the ruling class internationally still
fears Marxists, including Marxian scholars.  In prohibiting you from
entering the USA, they have tipped their hand and shown that the 'war on
terrorism' is (among other things) a war on left-wing radicalism, including
radical _ideas_.

I well remember the Case of Ernest Mandel.  Indeed, one of my first
political acts (when I was a sophomore in high school in October, 1970) was
to circulate a petition on his behalf.  Eventually -- years later -- Mandel
was allowed into this country.  But, it didn't happen by itself.
It required a concerted effort.  The tactics used by that defense committee
may or may not be best for this case.  We have new mediums to wage a fight
that Mandel's supporters didn't have -- including the Internet,
video-conferencing, etc.  (In that sense, they can -- at least temporarily
-- keep you physically out of the country, but you can be here
'virtually'!) In any event, imo, we have to do *something*.

What ideas do others have?

I regret that I will only be able to follow this discussion periodically.

In solidarity, Jerry

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