[OPE-L] The Official Narrative of the London Explosions

From: Philip Dunn (hyl0morph@YAHOO.CO.UK)
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 07:14:04 EDT

The "Report of the Official Account of the Bombings in London on 7th
July 2005", to give it its full title, was published on 11 May, along
with another report from the Intelligence and Security Committee. On the
day the BBC's News 24 channel ran CCTV footage from the so called dress
rehearsal of 28 June with the timestamp removed. It is not unusual to
come across people who believe that this footage is from 7 July. No CCTV
footage from 7 July has been released, only three still images.

Download the reports at:

The narrative is shredded at:

The two major points concern the Impossible Train and The Wardrobe

The Micra stops at Woodall Services on the M1 to fill up with petrol.
Tanweer goes in to pay. He is wearing a white T-shirt, dark jacket,
white tracksuit bottoms and a baseball cap. He buys snacks, quibbles
with the cashier over his change, looks directly at the CCTV camera and


The 4 are caught on CCTV together heading to the platform for the King’s
Cross Thameslink train. They are casually dressed, apparently relaxed.
Tanweer’s posture and the way he pulls the rucksack on to his shoulder
as he walks, suggests he finds it heavy. It is estimated that in each
rucksack was 2-5 kg of high explosive. Tanweer is now wearing dark
tracksuit bottoms. There is no explanation for this change at present.

The London King’s Cross train leaves Luton station. There are
conflicting accounts of their behaviour on the train. Some witnesses
report noisy conversations, another believes he saw 2 of them standing
silently by a set of train doors. The 4 stood out a bit from usual
commuters due to their luggage and casual clothes, but not enough to
cause suspicion. This was the beginning of the summer tourist period and
Luton Station serves Luton Airport."

The narrative claims that the four suspects left Luton at 0740. The 0740
Thameslink service was cancelled according to two statements by

The change in the colour of the Shehzad Tanweer figure's trousers
between Woodhall service station in the M1 and the entrance to Luton
station suggests that the well known groupcctv.jpg image, reproduced in
the narrative without its timestamp, was created by pasting in an image
of Tanweer from 28 June with the colours reversed. On 28 June Tanweer
was wearing a dark top and light trousers. The Germaine Lindsay figure
is carrying a white plastic bag on both occasions.

Mainstream media attention to the narrative of the events of the day of
7 July was almost non existent. Even the survivors who blog fell
uncharacteristically silent. A month on we are seeing a build up of
synthetic terror scare stories. The police have started shooting unarmed
people again. I worry more about the tourist threat than the terrorist
threat. London gets very crowded in the summer.

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