Re: [OPE-L] Hudson super imperialism

From: David Yaffe (david@DANYAF.PLUS.COM)
Date: Sat Jun 03 2006 - 12:39:34 EDT


I cannot get into a discussion now about Hudson at present but at least it
is a counterweight to Panitch and Gindin's nonsense - it at least gives you
a framework from which you can understand the latest developments re
so-called financialisation,  although Hudson's work in the end was too
optimistic re global fracture. The Iraq War though has put the process
right back on track though. History seems to take its time!

Thanks for the reference.


At 07:27 03/06/2006 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hudson's book referred to by Juriaan was published in Britain by
>>Pluto Press in 1992.They have recently reissued his Super
>>Imperialism and Global Fracture. Both are essential for
>>understanding US imperialism's developing relationship to the
>>European imperialist countries and the oppressed nations.
>If you are interested, there is a  short review of Hudson's Super
>Imperialism book in Rethinking Marxism
>October 2004 vol 16, no 4 by Elizabeth Ramey. One question is the
>extent to which the new imperialism is driven by the US state as a
>unified actor towards political domination independently of and
>sometimes in conflict with private investors in search of profits.
>What is Hudson's implicit theory of the state and international
>relations? I am guessing that Hudson's implicit theoretical views
>conflict with your own.
>I don't know of any analysis of the similarities between and
>differences in Hudson's and Henry C.K. Liu's respective analyses of
>state-led dollar imperialism (Henry ck's writings are available on
>the web), but they seem to be the two most well known exponents of
>this view. I also forwarded to OPE-L a piece by Rohini Hensmann
>written for EPW.
>It would  be very interesting to compare them to mainstream economic
>thinkers such as Ronald McKinnon on the role of the dollar.
>There are more overlaps between this analysis and the above than I
>would have expected!
>Ramey also raises the question about  whether US state dollar
>imperialism is unravelling with the weakness of the dollar and
>diversification of reserves.

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