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Bulletin of Political Economy  (BPE)







Lefteris Tsoulfidis 

University of Macedonia

Thessaloniki, Greece





Paul Cockshott

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK


Oscar De-Juan

University of Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete, Spain



Eladio Febrero

University of Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain



Eckhard Hein Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK), Duesseldorf, Germany



Theodore Mariolis

Panteion University, Athens, Greece



Takeshi Nakatani

Kobe University, Japan



Dong-Min Rieu

Chungnam National University, Taejon, Korea



Persefoni Tsaliki

Aristotle University,

Thessaloniki, Greece



Richard Westra

Pukyoung National University, Korea









Call for Papers


Dear Colleague 


This new bi-annual journal aims to promote research in the areas of
Classical, Marxian, Sraffian and Post Keynesian traditions. Articles that
subject to empirical testing new theoretical developments or alternative
theoretical approaches with the use of econometric and input-output
techniques are particularly welcomed.  All contributions go through a
refereeing process to determine their suitability for publication.


Instructions for contributors: -

The title page should contain the name(s), the institutional affiliation of
the author(s), the present address(s), e-mail addresses and
acknowledgement(s) or credits, if any, followed by an abstract of the paper
using no more than 100 words. 


Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and numbered consecutively throughout
the text with superscript numerals. They should appear at the end of the
main text and should not include tables, figures or formulae.


Tables should be kept short and numbered sequentially through the text. They
should be presented on separate page(s) of the manuscript, not in the text. 


Formulae should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript against
the right-hand margin of the page. If the derivation of the formulae has
been abbreviated, the full derivation should be presented in an appendix.
All figures should be made to fit the journal’s page size. All lines should
be clear. All illustrations should be suitable for printing in black and
white, and should be numbered according to their sequence in the text. 


Reference should appear in the text as (Sraffa, 1960), (Baran and Sweezy,
1966), (Gordon et al., 1982).


Use the following style of references:


Journal articles: Morishima, M. (1974) ‘Marx in the Light of Modern Economic

     Econometrica 42 (4): 611-32.

Articles in edited works: Goodwin, R. (1967) ‘A Growth Cycle’ in Feinstein,
C.H.  (ed.) Socialism, 

     Capitalism and Economic Growth. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Books: Minsky, H. (1986) Stabilizing an Unstable Economy, New Haven and
London: Yale University



If there are more than two authors use the name of the first, followed by
‘et al.’. When more than two references are cited together in the text, they
should be arranged chronologically. Publication by the same author(s) in the
same year should be listed as 2001a; 2001b, etc.


 Any manuscript, which does not confirm to the above instructions, may be
returned for the necessary revision before publication. 


Authors should ensure that they are not infringing copyright. Submission of
a paper is understood to imply that the work is original and unpublished and
is not being considered for publication elsewhere.



Submission of manuscripts

All submissions for publication should be sent electronically as a Word file
to the address:





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Paul Cockshott wrote:

 Here is a call for papers for a new Journal that
is being launched in June.

Paul, such call for papers is missing!


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