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Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 09:38:11 EDT

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Dear Mr. Levy,

I found your comments on my editorial interesting.  When suggesting that
heterodox economists needed to buy more books, I was really aiming my
comment to those who have the income to buy the books.  I find that many
heterodox economists who have sufficient income do not buy books or
subscribe to many heterodox journals.  But on the other hand they
somehow expect others to do so.  This is something like a quasi
free-rider problem.  Clearly those whose incomes do not permit the
purchase of expensive books, will not be able to do so; but they could
think of collective way to do so--have a library do so, form their own
'research' library and buy books collectively.  The link between book
sales and conferences is in terms of advertising and in terms of
enriching a conference itself.  I like going to conferences and seeing
different book sellers--and in any case, I do not know all of the books
out there that I may be interested in, book sellers at conferences help
fill this gap in.  Once I know that a book exists, I may buy a book at
the conference or buy it later.  In your e-mail you asked the right
question:  how can sales for Marxist/heterodox books be increased?  You
have my limited suggestion and I am open to others.

Fred Lee

Fred Lee

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