Re: [OPE-L] ISMT Conference in July on Marx and MEGA 2

From: Regina Roth (roth@BBAW.DE)
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 09:28:40 EDT


The price of the MEGA2 volumes is unfortunately rather high, varying from 128,- Euro
(for the volumes which have appeard before 1989) to 168 or 178,- Euro (e.g. for the
volumes II/12, II/14, II/15 on "Capital" which have recently appeared), volumes from the
third section with the correspondence of Marx and Engels (including the letters they got)
rate at 158,- Euro. (More details at

The appearance is still the same as in the time when the MEGA was published by
Dietz-Verlag. Only the blue is a bit more dark, but both books forming a volume, text
and apparatus, are bound in blue linen, with two red bands on the back and the letters
written in gold. I think, from the outside, they have lost nothing in the new times. (From
the inside, I, of course, would argue, that they have won.)

Best, Regina

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> Regina and Riccardo,
> Thank you both for the information, links, and attachment.
> A couple of other brief questions:
> -- what is the price of the MEGA2 volumes?
> -- what do they look like (i.e. what is their physical appearance)?
> I ask the second question because I was quite impressed with
> the appearance of  MEGA when it was published by Dietz Verlag
> and hope that a similar standard and appearance has been
> retained.
> In solidarity, Jerry
> e

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