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Dear Friends and Colleagues

I hope you do not mind me bringing to your attention the existence of some recent journal articles that may be interest - details below.

You can download pdfs of these (and other) articles by going to my website www.geoffrey-hodgson.info and then to its "Articles" section.

Best wishes
Geoff Hodgson



(With Richard Carter) "The Impact of Empirical Tests of Transaction Cost Economics on the Debate on the Nature of the Firm", Strategic Management Journal, 27(5), May 2006, pp. 461-76.

We conclude that the empirical evidence does not decisively support Williamsons Transction Cost Economics and we stress the importance of an empirical program of joint testing of rival theoretical approaches. 


"What Are Institutions?", Journal of Economic Issues, 40(1), March 2006, pp. 1-25.

A primary aim of this paper is to establish some workable meanings of key terms including institution, convention and organization. It is shown that Douglass's North's conception of an institution embraces rather than excludes organizations.


(With Thorbjoern Knudsen) "Dismantling Lamarckism: Why Descriptions of Socio-Economic Evolution as Lamarckian are Misleading", Journal of Evolutionary Economics (print version forthcoming - published 2006 on line).

This paper critically addresses the widespread tendency to describe socio-economic evolution as Lamarckian.


(With Thorbjoern Knudsen) "Balancing Inertia, Innovation, and Imitation in Complex Environments",Journal of Economic Issues, 40(2), June 2006, pp. 287-95.

This article adds to prior studies by examining mixtures of innovation and imitation in environments characterized by different levels of complexity in a Kauffman-type NK framework.


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