Re: [OPE-L] (sorry, Gary) Setting the record straight for Rakesh and the list

From: clyder@GN.APC.ORG
Date: Fri May 12 2006 - 16:48:16 EDT

Try and avoid this kind of thing, both of you

Quoting Jerry Levy <Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM>:

> > his deranged view of events,
> > Levy's madness,
> I've had enough of Rakesh's bullshit.
> (You might want to delete this post now, Gary).
> Here's a quick chronology of the most recent events:
> 1. On April 21, Rakesh sent a post to the list with Mark
> Neocleous's "Bloody Capital and Dead Labour Cultural
> Studies" paper.
> 2.  Neocleous's paper  said "Electronic copies of this
> paper may not be posted on any other website
> without express permission of the author".  Accordingly,
> I sent Rakesh an off-list message (in which Advisory
> Ctte members and Hans were cc'd) asking if he had
> Mark's permission to post the paper.
> 3.  Rakesh replied that he did not.
> 4.  Shortly afterwards, Rakesh hurled malicious and
> libelous accusations against me off-list.  I asked for
> proof for his vicious charge -- which was stated in
> a declarative way.  He could give none.
> 5.  Rakesh asked the Advisory Committee to
> investigate. I said that was fine by me.
> 6.  Rather than waiting for a response from the
> Advisory Ctte, he took the issue to the list with
> hints at his real charge on 4/24.   After many
> vicious insinuations and ad hominem attacks on his part,
> (hoping to save the list from this stupid discussion) I wrote
> on the 25th:
> =====================================
> "***If there is anyone on the list _other than Rakesh_
> who believes that there has been even an iota of evidence
> put forward that I have acted improperly,  _please_
> speak up"
> =====================================
> //////Not a single listmember came forward to say that s/he
> thought that there was _any_ evidence put forward
> against what I had done.//////
> I thought that would have been the end of this matter.
> That SHOULD have been the end of it.
> Instead,
> 7) Rakesh re-raises the issue and his ad hominem attacks
> on May 2-3.  Even though he said he "knows nothing about
> vampires" he continued to pursue his aggressive and accusatory
> tone with me.
> 8) On May 3 I wrote: "It's really quite simple: if you think
> someone has done something improper or unethical, BRING
> He SHOULD HAVE SHUT UP since he had NO proof.
>  Instead,
> 9) he hurls MORE ad hominem attacks at me and asserts
> that I have no "credibility as an honest person."   Indeed, he
> taunted me with his claim about fabrication: "Should
> we rehash for the list this whole incident? I would be happy
> to."
> Well, I said "go ahead" and here we are today -- with him
> STILL not having the courage to state in public the charge he
> made on 4/24 _OR_ any  P-R-O-O-F  for that charge.
> ***Does anyone (other than Rakesh) blame me for being
>             pissed-off?***
> I have done NOTHING wrong but this SCOUNDREL  keeps
> repeating his wild and malicious insinuations.
> He complains now about his name in the subject line.  You know
> what?  I don't care.  Let the list(and others) know what kind of
> person he is.  You should know what kind of vicious and totally
> unsubstantiated accusations and smears he has made against me
> over the YEARS.
> *AND*  if Rakesh responds *I N   A - N - Y    W A Y* to this
> post then I will interpret that as consent to inform you about his false
> charges of  May, 2004.*
> I've been WAY too tolerant with him over the years. That's about
> to change.
> *BASTA!*
> In solidarity, Jerry

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