[OPE-L] (sorry, Gary) Setting the record straight for Rakesh and the list

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 17:38:46 EDT

> his deranged view of events,
> Levy's madness,


I've had enough of Rakesh's bullshit.

(You might want to delete this post now, Gary).

Here's a quick chronology of the most recent events:

1. On April 21, Rakesh sent a post to the list with Mark
Neocleous's "Bloody Capital and Dead Labour Cultural
Studies" paper.

2.  Neocleous's paper  said "Electronic copies of this
paper may not be posted on any other website
without express permission of the author".  Accordingly,
I sent Rakesh an off-list message (in which Advisory
Ctte members and Hans were cc'd) asking if he had
Mark's permission to post the paper.

3.  Rakesh replied that he did not.

4.  Shortly afterwards, Rakesh hurled malicious and
libelous accusations against me off-list.  I asked for
proof for his vicious charge -- which was stated in
a declarative way.  He could give none.

5.  Rakesh asked the Advisory Committee to
investigate. I said that was fine by me.

6.  Rather than waiting for a response from the
Advisory Ctte, he took the issue to the list with
hints at his real charge on 4/24.   After many
vicious insinuations and ad hominem attacks on his part,
(hoping to save the list from this stupid discussion) I wrote
on the 25th:

"***If there is anyone on the list _other than Rakesh_
who believes that there has been even an iota of evidence
put forward that I have acted improperly,  _please_
speak up"

//////Not a single listmember came forward to say that s/he
thought that there was _any_ evidence put forward
against what I had done.//////

I thought that would have been the end of this matter.
That SHOULD have been the end of it.


7) Rakesh re-raises the issue and his ad hominem attacks
on May 2-3.  Even though he said he "knows nothing about
vampires" he continued to pursue his aggressive and accusatory
tone with me.

8) On May 3 I wrote: "It's really quite simple: if you think
someone has done something improper or unethical, BRING

He SHOULD HAVE SHUT UP since he had NO proof.

9) he hurls MORE ad hominem attacks at me and asserts
that I have no "credibility as an honest person."   Indeed, he
taunted me with his claim about fabrication: "Should
we rehash for the list this whole incident? I would be happy

Well, I said "go ahead" and here we are today -- with him
STILL not having the courage to state in public the charge he
made on 4/24 _OR_ any  P-R-O-O-F  for that charge.

***Does anyone (other than Rakesh) blame me for being

I have done NOTHING wrong but this SCOUNDREL  keeps
repeating his wild and malicious insinuations.

He complains now about his name in the subject line.  You know
what?  I don't care.  Let the list(and others) know what kind of
person he is.  You should know what kind of vicious and totally
unsubstantiated accusations and smears he has made against me
over the YEARS.

*AND*  if Rakesh responds *I N   A - N - Y    W A Y* to this
post then I will interpret that as consent to inform you about his false
charges of  May, 2004.*

I've been WAY too tolerant with him over the years. That's about
to change.


In solidarity, Jerry

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