[OPE-L] (new book) Paul Burkett _Marxism and Ecological Economics_

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 12:11:46 EDT

>Are there any other OPE-Lers who have books that are about to
be printed?

My English translation of Prof. Marcel van der Linden's historical survey
"Western Marxism and the Soviet Union; Criticism and Debates 1917-2005" will
be published by Brill in the HM series soon, though I don't know exactly
when yet. The book traces the evolution of all the main variants of Western
Marxist theories from Kautsky/Luxemburg/Lukacs/Korsch/Gorter etc. thru to
Alvater/Bettelheim/Mandel/Marcuse/Cliff/Operaism/Dutschke/Red Flag/Bahro
etc., in different era's of history, that were published in German, Dutch,
English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish etc. Some of the authors cited
are wellknown, others rather obscure.

It also features an extensive bibliography of original sources (mostly
excluded are the "official communist" views that reflected the positions
taken by Moscow and Beijing, because they are ruled out of Western Marxism).
Earlier (shorter) versions of Marcel's book appeared in Dutch (as his Phd
thesis) and German previously.

One (not really spectacular) finding of the study is that, although the
Western theories offered implied errors of logic and errors of fact, and
mostly are a far cry from Karl Marx's own thought or dispassionate
scientific appraisal, the various theorists often did notice some important
problems of the Soviet Union. The theories also tended to change according
to the climate of the times.


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