Re: [OPE-L] Bloody Capital and Dead Labour Cultural Studies or the Critique of Political Economy? By Mark Neocleous

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Tue Apr 25 2006 - 14:46:24 EDT

> >Who "appropriated" Neocleous's interpretation?
> Who referred to capital as undead? That would be
> the answer to your question.


The answer to the question is that no one did anything improper
on the list re Neocleous -- except you.  In your haste to post
his article, you did not take note of his stipulation that:

"Electronic copies of this paper may not be posted on any
other website without express permission of the author."

Your careless action has meant that I (and possibly Allin
and Hans) might have to clean up the mess you created
since when you posted his article it meant that it was
automatically archived on the 'ricardo' and 'utah' servers.
Please try to be more careful next time. Thank you.


To repeat (and for the record),

I never saw Neocleous's "Blood Capital and Dead Labour"
paper until you recently posted it on OPE-L.

I was unaware of his _History of Political Thought_  article
until a few days ago and still haven't seen a copy.  The
abstract, which is online and I read the other day, says very
little about the content of his paper.

I only became aware of anything Neocleous wrote on this
subject on November 4 when I received a post from Andrew
Chitty sent to the mps list concerning MN's book
_The Monstrous and the Dead_.  That same day I forwarded
that announcement to OPE-L.

I have referred to vampires,  the undead and Marx on OPE-L
going at least as far back as May, 1996.  As I explained
previously, the idea that labour is undead using the vampire
metaphor only makes sense if capital is posited as vampiric
and hence also undead.

***I have done ABSOLUTELY nothing improper and I strongly
resent any suggestions to the contrary.***


***If there is anyone on the list _other than Rakesh_ who believes
that there has been even an iota of evidence put forward  that I have
acted improperly, _please_  speak up. If not,  then let us move on to
discuss other topics.***

In solidarity, Jerry

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