[OPE-L] Marx and Philosophy Society Annual Conference

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Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 17:19:28 EDT

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Subject: Marx and Philosophy Society Annual Conference, Saturday 27 May 2006

Here are the details of our annual conference. Please circulate widely.

Andrew Chitty
For organising group


Marx and Philosophy Society
Annual Conference 2006

Saturday 27th May 2006, 10.30am - 6.00pm
Room 728, Institute of Education, University of London
20 Bedford Way, London WC1


Bob Cannon (UEL)
'Capitalism, Fetishism and Modernity'
Chair: Chris Arthur

Drew Milne (Cambridge)
'Michel Henry's Marx'
Chair: Martin McIvor

Mark Neocleous (Brunel)
'The Politics and Philosophy of Redemption: Marxism, National Socialism,
and the Dead'
Chair: Sean Sayers

Organisational meeting of the Society

Registration: 10 waged, 5 unwaged, payable at the door

To reserve a place in advance please email

Organising group:
Chris Arthur, Andrew Chitty, Martin McIvor, Drew Milne, Sean Sayers

Further details:

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