[OPE-L] Ralph Dumain's Marx and Marxism Web Guide

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 07:36:31 EDT

Ralph, who long-term subscribers may remember from other mailing
lists, has created a new web page -- which he described as being
"still in the developmental stage, but here is my first version, ...."

Marx and Marxism Web Guide

If you have suggestions for additions, he asks that you please let him know.

A short description of what he wanted to do with this site, and its
current limitations, follows:

  "The emphasis is primarily in theory, history, research, and archives
   rather than live political activism, but as you well know, there's no
   operable or desirable division.  While there are countless Marxist and
   socialist web sites, some with hundreds of links, their coverage and
   organization do not suit my purposes.  So I have created this
   (hopefully)   streamlined entryway into Marxist (and to a tiny degree
   other radical tendencies) cyberspace, along with some obscure
   references that might otherwise escape intention.

   Unfortunately, there is a total bias towards the English language.  I
   am willing to balance this out provided I am given the proper
   information.  Such a move also has some value in tracking the
   interlingual (non)flow of information.  For example, the
   "international" philosophical literature seems to be heavily dominated
   by English, French, and German, but works and thinkers from other
   language communities are often neglected by the anglophone world.
   (Note, e.g., that my links to texts on Ludovico Geymonat are in
   Italian or French but not English).

   This guide may also be of use to my pedagogical efforts in critical
   theory, which is documented on other web pages."

His e-mail address is at the Marx and Marxism Web Guide site.

In solidarity, Jerry

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