[OPE-L] Die Kritik der politischen Okonomie

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Wed Apr 05 2006 - 10:44:25 EDT

A 35-page pamphlet by Armin L. Puller, published in 2005
by Akademie der Sozialistischen Jugend Osterreich. This
is an introductory brochure with a similar purpose as Mandel's 
_An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory_ (French, 1964;
English, 1967).  Puller's presentation, however,  much more 
closely follows the order of presentation in _Capital_ -- all 
three volumes are (briefly) covered.  The graphic illustrations are 
very nicely laid out and could easily be translated into another
language and used in classes.  It has the advantage of being 
laid out as a text with marginal notes,  suggested readings, and the
aforementioned illustrations.  Questions for discussion are lacking 
but you can make up your own if desired.

This publication is *attached* as a pdf file. 

Puller also authored two other 2005 brochures distributed by the 
same publisher:   _Staatanalyse und Staatskritik_ (33 pages)
and _Philosophie und Gesellschaftskritik_ (24 pages).  I have
also *attached* these pamphlets as I think they will also be of
interest -- even though that means the byte length of this post is 
getting quite long!

Does anyone on the list know anything more about Puller?  (and
is that his real name?)

The layout of the brochure is quite good, but what about the
content?   Keeping in mind that this is intended to be a popular
introduction to the subject for socialist youth rather than a weighty
scholarly tome, do you have any constructive suggestions about
how it could be modified  if there is a 2nd edition?  

How does this brochure compare to similar ones in other languages?

Is anyone on the list currently part of a project to popularize
political economy by writing brief (pamphlet-length) introductions
to the subject?

In solidarity, Jerry

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