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Cologne 27-Jan-2006

To open the tenth anniversary of the artefact web site 1996-2006, here's
two new articles for your consideration:

‘Questioning the Earth’s Value - Including a proposal for a capitalist
carbon sink industry’


Putting the Earth’s value into question means asking what is meant by a
value of the Earth. How is the Earth valued in a global market economy,
and how could this value be put into relation to the Earth’s finiteness
that sets a limit on how we humans can live on Earth without endangering
the very basis of life on the planet? The final section puts forward a
proposal based on an understanding of the Earth’s valuation through
ground-rent for developing a capitalist carbon sink industry to come to
terms with ever-growing carbon dioxide emissions. The concept of
ground-rent developed in classical political economy and subjected to
critique by Marx is the key to grasping the value of the Earth under
that constellation of being called capitalism. The valuation of the
Earth via the category of ground-rent has ramifications and potential
applications far beyond practically dealing with carbon dioxide

‘The Principle of Reason and Justice:
Leaping from the Ground through Leibniz, Hegel, Nietzsche and Heidegger
to Anaximander and the Groundlessness of Interplay’


The principle of reason is the ground in the modern age for the
domination of the mathematical natural sciences over beings as a whole.
Returning to the time before Plato and Aristotle to Anaximander,
however, loosens this ground by revealing a cast of being as an
interplay with one another of all beings. This allows being to be
thought as a question of justice rather than as a totalizing causal

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