[OPE-L] Chris Arthur and Roy Bhaskar will be debating dialectic

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Tue Jan 24 2006 - 10:14:00 EST

Nick Hostettler told me that  Chris will  address systematic dialectic
and the Hegel/Marx question.  Roy Bhaskar will discuss the
development of dialectic in "Dialectic: the pulse of freedom" --
1993 and after.

Chris -- can you fill us in more on which specific conceptions
of dialectic you will be debating with Roy?  I.e. what _specifically_
is the debate about?

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: I corrected a couple of typos in the following announcement.

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From: "Nick Hostettler" <nh8@soas.ac.uk>
Subject: Arthur and Bhaskar are DEBATING DIALECTIC

Chris Arthur and Roy Bhaskar will be


 On Friday 24th February

 At 4.00 in Room 116, School of Oriental and African Studies.

 All Welcome.

For further details contact:
 Kathryn Dean, kd1@soas.ac.uk or
 Nick Hostettler, nh8@soas.ac.uk

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