[OPE-L] Overdetermination and all that!

From: antonio callari (antonio.callari@FANDM.EDU)
Date: Mon Jan 16 2006 - 17:20:38 EST

I want to apologize to all with whom I was engaged in the
conversation about overdetermination (including uncle Bob --:)) for
having dropped the ball. I actually thought I was being pushed in a
good way to clarify and expand my position (and I would not rule out
even changing it on some matters). So, my thanks along with my
apologies. I stopped because another project (with a January 31
deadline) took over schedule. I thought I'd be able to come back to
this discussion but it hasn't happened (also because I want to think
through some of the points you all raised), and now with the
beginning of classes (tomorrow), I don't think I can expect to be
able to give the discussion the attention I would want to give to it.
I hope I will be able to come back to it at a later time.

>  > By not
>>  trying to defer to social reality, as per postmodernism, there is no
>>  method in principle from which to rationally compare and judge
>>  different social theories (a point often made themselves by
>>  postmodernist theorists). In my view, this opens the door to all kinds
>>  of voluntarism and incommensurable conservations, and ultimately the
>>  bad practices you mention.
>Hi Ian,
>I don't know about the opening of doors, but those who walked through
>the door and engaged in the forms of praxis that I referred to previously
>were not postmodern Marxists.  Instead, they typically identified
>themselves as "classical" or "orthodox" Marxists.
>In solidarity, Jerry

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