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Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 06:00:55 EST

From the Heterodox Economics Newsletter-21 By: Frederic S. Lee

      New Political Economy
      Series Editor: Richard McIntyre, University of Rhode Island

      Routledge is currently seeking manuscripts for its distinguished
monograph series, New Political Economy. Manuscripts can be
theoretical, empirical, or both. They also may be focused on a
particular history or history of thought. We are particularly
interested in innovative work in Marxian Political Economy but are
open to any original attempt to explore some question or issue in
the broadly conceived field of political economy. The general series
editor is Richard McIntyre, Professor of Economics at the University
of Rhode Island. He conducts a review of each manuscript for
possible inclusion in the series.

      Recent titles in the series include:

      Political Economy from Below: Economic Thought in Communitarian
Anarchism, 1840-1914
      Rob Knowles

      Structuralism and Individualism in Economic Analysis: The
"Contractionary Devaluation Debate" in Development Economics
      S. Charusheela

      Encoding Capital: The Political Economy of the Human Genome Project
      Rodney Loeppky

      Miracle for Whom? Chilean Workers Under Free Trade
      Janine Berg

      Market Sense: Toward a New Economics of Markets and Society
      Philip Kozel

      We print our books on 250-year-life acid-free paper with hard
cover/library standard bindings. Our worldwide market is composed
primarily of research and university libraries to which we sell
between 250 and 450 copies of each text. Books in our series are
published in hardcover and as attractively as possible for the
library market. We do not provide individually illustrated covers
(there is one standard series cover) or copyediting for the books,
although they are typeset and proofread. Authors receive a royalty
of 4% on net sales of the book and a predetermined number of free
copies (usually 5) for personal use.

      Interested authors are invited to contact the Routledge editor below
and to submit an abstract and CV to his attention.

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