[OPE-L] Wal-Mart: A College Curriculum

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Fri Dec 23 2005 - 17:19:00 EST

At the request of Elizabeth Cohn, the author, I am forwarding to you
information about a Wal-mart curriculum she has devised.  I imagine
you can tell for yourselves why it may be interesting to our members.
My best regards
Bob Ross

Recently released: "Wal-Mart: A College Curriculum."  Many college
professors already use Wal-Mart as a case study in the classroom, in
courses as wide-ranging as business ethics, urban planning, global
studies, women's studies, labor history, sociology and management.
This 37-page curriculum is structured not as an integrated course
curriculum, but rather as a series of five modules that allow faculty
to select the parts that pertain to their own areas of teaching. The
curriculum suggests more than 70 carefully chosen readings, covering a
broad spectrum of opinion. As part of each teaching module, author
Elizabeth Cohn, a college professor for the last ten years, includes
introductions, discussion questions and suggested assignments. The
curriculum was released in December 2005 by Wal-Mart Watch, a campaign
of the Center for Community & Corporate Ethics. Copies of "Wal-Mart: A
College Curriculum" are available at
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