[OPE-L] Accion Zapatista Editorial Collective

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sun Dec 04 2005 - 09:14:03 EST

Hi Alejandro:

The Accion Zapatista Editorial Collective is a local solidarity group
based in Austin, Texas (or, should I say, occupied Mexico?).  Their
web page (which appears below) does not seem to be working now (I get
a "Forbidden" message when I click on the url).  A friend of the list
and comrade, Harry Cleaver, has participated in Accion Zapatista. The
information below is excerpted from the web page -- "ZAPATISTAS IN
CYBERSPACE, A Guide to Analysis & Information."

In solidarity, Jerry


II Encuentro Intercontinental - Accion Zapatista
The Accion Zapatista page contains a guide to the 2nd Encuentro with links
to a variety of background materials and two of three original services:
1. A Web Foro (now defunct) on the Encounter, 2. A collection of formatted
and ready to print papers in English and 3. A Daily Report page which was
updated constantly during the Encuentro, with materials in English and
Spanish. This was THE English language page up and running during the
Encuentro. These materials are now maintained as an archive.

Accion Zapatista
Maintained by the Accion Zapatista group in Austin, Texas (which also
manages Zapatismo, see above), this webpage contains background material
on the Zapatistas, a series of interventions on various aspects of
neoliberalism, e-text versions of AZ's print publication El Paliacate, an
Internet Encuentro graffiti wall where web brousers can register their
opinions on neoliberalism and the struggle against it, information on how
to join the list Zapatismo (see above), an illustrated e-text version of
the Tales of Durito, and hotlinks to other Zapatista and Mexico related
web sites.

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