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Date: Sat Dec 03 2005 - 16:13:51 EST

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>In Defense of Democracy in Venezuela
>For the past six years we have witnessed how, in 
>the midst of great adversity, millions of 
>Venezuelans have taken their ! destiny into 
>their own hands and worked together to achieve 
>the construction of a society rooted in the 
>values of solidarity, democracy and social justice.
>Strengthened by the Bolivarian Constitution –one 
>of the most democratic in the world-  the 
>Venezuelan People have ratified this project in 
>seven elections over the past six years. 
>Nevertheless, an elite sector of society, with 
>the support of the U.S. government and 
>Venezuela’s private media, has repeatedly tried 
>to derail Venezuela’s democratic process. They 
>attempted a coup d’Etat in April 2002, that was 
>reversed by the People of Venezuela who took 
>to  the streets armed only with their 
>Constitution.  In December 2002 they tried to 
>sabotage the country’s oil industry, and 
>succeeded in deeply damaging the Venezuelan 
>economy. But the Venezuelan people, organized 
>within their communities, once again prevailed.
>Today, on the eve of the December 4th 
>legislative elections, the minority opposition 
>in Venezuela, unwilling to face a new political 
>defeat, have cynically called for the withdrawal 
>of its candidates claiming lack of confidence in 
>Venezuela’s electoral authorities.
>Despite the fact that recent elections in 
>Venezuela have been characterized by an 
>unprecedented level of transparency, attested 
>repeatedly by international observers, the 
>opposition conditioned its participation in the 
>legislative elections on a new series of 
>demands.  However, once these demands were 
>agreed to by the electoral authorities, the 
>opposition abandoned its original commitment and 
>withdrew from the elections with the goal of 
>delegitimizing Venezuela’s institutions.  This 
>cynical move demonstrates once again that the 
>Venezuelan opposition is prepared to undermine 
>democracy and violate a people’s sovereign right 
>to self-determination in its desperate gambit for power.
>This new attempt to disrupt Venezuela’s 
>democratic process has been tacitly supported by 
>U.S. government officials who have publicly 
>questioned the credibility of Venezuela’s electoral authorities.
>We, friends of the Venezuelan people, reject 
>this new attempt to sabotage democracy.  We 
>place our trust in Venezuela’s electoral 
>authorities and in the Venezuelan people's will 
>to defend their right to vote.
>First 30 signatures:
>Joăo Pedro Stedile (Brazil)
>Emir Sader (Brazil)
>Jose Dirceu (Brazil)
>Eduardo Galeano (Uruguay)
>Bernard Cassen (France)
>James Petras (USA)
>Ignacio Ramonet (Spain)
>Tariq Ali (Pakistan)
>Atilio Borón (Argentina)
>Samir Amin (Egypt)
>Francois Houtart (Belgium)
>Richard Gott (UK)
>Fernando Morais (Brazil)
>Jean-Pierre Chevenement (France)
>Georges Sarre (France)
>Sergio Lobo (Venezuela)
>Robin Blackburn (UK)
>Socorro Gomes (Brazil) !
>Vanessa Grazziotin (Brazil)
>Carlos Lima (Brazil)
>Sydnei Liberal (Brazil)
>Paul-Emile Dupret (Belgium)
>Rémy Herrera (France)
>Valter Pomar (Brazil)
>Ramon Chao (Spain)
>Aminata Traore (Mali)
>Michael Löwy (Brazil)
>Leila Jinkings (Brazil)
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