[OPE-L] Midnight Notes Collective website

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 08:47:49 EST

The following was posted on the aut-op-sy list.  Among other publications,
the (2005) e-book by George Caffentzis _No Blood for Oil! Energy, Class
Struggle, and War, 1998-2004_ can be downloaded in its entirety for free
(after entering site, click on "Publications and Other Writings Produced
by Members of Midnight Notes").

In solidarity, Jerry

[AUT] midnight notes website

We've finally gotten the Midnight Notes website into some reasonable shape
 - _www.midnightnotes.org_ (http://www.midnightnotes.org) . All our back
issues up to Midnight Oil are or soon will be up - most are photocopy
pdfs of  the original issues; a few are in html text. We also have a
variety of other  materials by folks who have been part of Midnight Notes
and a few others, and  expect to add more in the near future.

And we've things we are still fixing, like some photos, but please bear
with us.

Monty Neill

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