Re: [OPE-L] Graduate studies in Marxism

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Tue Nov 29 2005 - 08:27:56 EST

> Do you have any suggestions about this?

Well, Hans, why not the University of Utah?

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Rather than mention the names of particular schools,
here are some criteria I would suggest s/he look at
when considering which schools to attend:

1) price

The cost of living, especially housing costs, in
addition to tuition should be considered.

Depending on the relative affluence of the person,
the job situation should also be considered.

2) community

Instead of looking to study with one of the 'best'
Marxist economists, I would suggest instead that s/he
look for a school in which there is a _community_ of
radical students and faculty.

I would also suggest looking to see which schools
have _programs_ in political economy rather than just
isolated individual faculty members and courses.

3) politics

Marxism isn't a 3 credit course. One learns not only
through reading but through praxis.  With that in mind,
I would suggest investigating the political struggles in
different locations as 1 criteria for what city one
should go to school in.  Even if it's only for a semester
or two, one can learn a lot this way.

4)  area(s) of specialization

If s/he is interested in a particular specialization (e.g.
public finance, industrial organization, etc.) then that
also needs to be considered.

5) language?

What you (Hans) didn't mention is which language(s)
the person in question is fluent in.  If fluent in a language
other than English, then all sorts of other possibilities
are opened up internationally depending on _which_
languages s/he is fluent in.

In solidarity,  Jerry

PS: as for the first question, [excluding myself] aren't most
of the 'best' Marxist economists right here on OPE-L?

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