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Robert Vienneau -- from Rome, New York (USA) -- has joined the list.
Some members might remember him as the author of a FAQ [Frequently Asked
Questions] on the Labour Theory of Value -

He provides a lot more information about himself below:

> I am a professional software engineer who studies political economy as
> a hobby. When I was much younger I came across a reference to Joan
> Robinson as "British John Galbraith".  Since I had always enjoyed
> Galbraith's writings, I started to read some of Robinson. Through her,
> I found out about Sraffa.
> I have since studied more of the Cambridge Capital Controversy. I was
> astonished to fnd out that basically almost all of the economics I had
> taken in college had been demonstrated mistaken at least a decade before
> I went to college. I am more interested in the use of Sraffa as a broom
- > to remove mistaken theories - than as a brick - to build new
> on.
> I have two journal publications:
>   "On Labour Demand and Equilibria of the Firm", _The Manchester School_,
> V. 73, N. 5 (Sep.): 612-619.
>   "The Present Value of Software Maintenance", _Journal of Parametrics_,
> April 1992.
> I suppose I should also mention this page:
>   <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=457402>

Robert's e-mail address: <rvien@dreamscape.com>

Robert: Welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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