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Subject: conference on rosa luxemburg in wuhan, china

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the international
conference of research on Rosa Luxemburg will be
arranged in Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, March
20-22, 2006. The sponsors of the conference are
the School of Philosophy and the institute of
Marxist Philosophy of Wuhan Universiry. The aim
of this conference is to develop Rosa Luxemburg
conference and advance the academic exchange
between west and east country.

The theme for the conference is Rosa Luxemburg 's
thought and its contribution to contemporary
philosophy, political economy, the theory of
Capitalism and Socialism. The topics include (1)
Rosa Luxemburg's "The Accumulation of Capital";
(2) Rosa Luxemburg and Marx, Lenin; (3) Rosa
Luxemburg and modern socialism, imperialism; (4)
Rosa Luxemburg on process of world history; (5)
Rosa Luxemburg and west Marxism; (6) Rosa
Luxemburg and China; (7) Rosa Luxemburg's

The conference language is English and Chinese.
The deadline for call paper is the end of
January, 2006. The deadline for submit the title
of paper and its abstract is the end of November,

Wuhan University will offer the participation the
Hotel accommodation for the nights of the
conference (19-22, March) and meals during the

You can find more details concerning the
conference on the web-site:

For further question regarding the conference, please contact: Zhao Shikong

Tel┼F027-62154509 027-68753569


<mailto:zhaosikong@126.com>zhaosikong@126.com ;

                                    The School of Philosophy

                                    The Institute of Marxist Philosophy

                                    Wuhan University

                                    The People's Republic of China

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