[OPE-L] Socialist Economics Congress in Turkey

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Date: Sun Nov 06 2005 - 06:42:01 EST

From the Türkiye Sosyalist İktisat Kongresi <www.iktisatkongresi.org>
page.  Note that some of the dates for the December conference are
quite near./In solidarity, Jerry

     Calendar of Events and The Program

            The SEC will be held annually, and the first of them will
take place in Istanbul on December 17-18, 2005.

            The program of the first SEC, which will consist of four
symposiums where called papers and two meetings where the
papers of
working groups will be presented and discussed, is going to be announced
shortly. The titles of these four symposiums are; "Where is the World
Capitalism Going?", "The Future Prospects for Turkish Capitalism",
"Pursuit for Alternative Economic Policies", and "Real Socialism
Experiences and Socialist Development Strategies".

            The calendar of events of the SEC is as follows:

            June 2005: Working groups will be formed

            June 2005: The program of the first congress will be announced

            October 15, 2005: Last date for turning in the written works
              of the working groups

            October 15 - 25, 2005: The Consultative Committee will hand
              back the papers submitted by the working groups with its

            November 2005: Consultative Committee meetings (in Istanbul
              and Ankara)

            November 10, 2005: Last date for submitting symposium papers
              and the last version of working group papers

            November 15, 2005: The draft of the conclusion paper of the
              congress will be presented to the Consultative Committee

            November 20, 2005: Technical preparations for the congress book
              will be started

            December 17-18, 2005: Congress

            January-February 2006: The discussions during the congress and
evaluations submitted after the congress are going to be
published in another book

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