[OPE-L] The Devil and the Free Market

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 08:37:53 EDT

The following was just published in "Left Hook" magazine.  It's less
than 4 days to Halloween....
In solidarity, Jerry


      The Devil and the Free Market: Allegory in one act
      Joseph G. Feinberg

      Scene 1.

      SINNER: I sold my soul on the free market.
      DEVIL: What happened to my monopoly?
      SINNER: They offered me more.
      DEVIL: What did you get?
      SINNER: A bailout package and a presidency.
      DEVIL: What did you need the bailout package for?
      SINNER: I sold everything else on the free market, and I had nothing
left to pay my bills.
      DEVIL: And why did you need the presidency?
      SINNER: To bring the free market to everyone.

      Scene 2.

      DEVIL: What does the market want with your soul?
      SINNER: They don't care. They'll sell it again and buy it and sell
it, and someone will make a profit. They don't care about the soul,
as long as it never gets used.

      Scene 3.

      DEVIL: You'll put me out of business.
      SINNER: Just hold on, tighten your belt. There will be a market glut
soon enough, and the value of a soul will go way down. I got rid of
mine in the nick of time.
      DEVIL: A crisis of underconsumption?
      SINNER: There won't be many folks left who want a good soul. DEVIL:
But then what, after all the cheap souls are sold? Every one left
will be worth a fortune. I can't afford to be offering the world to
every fellow who holds out on me. Hell, I've only got one world to
      SINNER: Then give up. There are some souls that never will get sold.


      Joseph Grim Feinberg studies folklore and social theory in the
department of anthropology at the University of Chicago. He would
rather just be a writer, an activist, and a collective participant
in folklore than a student caught in the right hooks of academic
life. He is active in a Chicago-based anti-capitalist group called
the 49Underground.org.

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