[OPE-L] Marta Harnecker interview: building socialist democracy in Venezuela

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Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 10:24:41 EDT

Excerpted from a "marxist philosophy" (a yahoo group) post.
In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: Vene Building socialist democracy - Green Left Weekly #646,
October 26, 2005 (3)

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Green Left Weekly #646, October 26, 2005

VENEZUELA: Building socialist democracy - an interview with Marta

Along with attempting to transform the state and the logic of the
capitalist market, the Bolivarian revolution has fought to replace the
so-called representative democracy that existed for 40 years prior to
the 1998 election of Chavez and replace it with a real participatory
protagonist democracy, under which the people begin to take control of
their lives, their community and their country. It is in this area of
popular participation that Harnecker spends most of her time, studying
and promoting new experiences and initiatives that are attempting to
transfer real decision-making power to the people. Full:

* VENEZUELA: Expropriations, cooperatives and co-management
* VENEZUELA: Government rejects latest slurs
* VENEZUELA: Significant decrease in poverty

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